Percy Spinereaver

Half-Orc Fighter


Like most Half-Orcs, Percy’s skin is rough, with a slightly greenish tinge. He has a heavy jaw with barely visible protruding tusks. Most notable is his physique, which bespeaks intensely brutal physical labor. Percy’s back is striped with pales scars, and around one wrist and forearm is wrapped the shattered remains of a heavy iron manacle.


A sensitive, poetic soul, Percy is the result of a brutal, violent act. Percy’s father, Gormaak Spinereaver, raped his mother during an invasion of Azeroth by the Orcish Horde.

Percy’s mother, Belle, decided to raise the baby, rather than drowning it as her human community preffered. She was ostracized for the choice, and lived in relative seclusion in Goldengrove, choosing to raise Percy to be everything the Horde was not: sensitive, caring, and devoted to peace.

Percy loved his mother dearly, and was heartbroken when she finally passed away, worn out from a hard life. Belle didn’t believe in lying to her child, and Percy was well aware of his own violent beginnings, as well as the reason his mother’s kin and fellow humans despised him. Still, by the time his mother had died, he’d grown into a slight and nonthreatening lad. Apart from the tint of his skin and his odd jaw-line, he might pass for a painter or a scribe.

Percy decided to set out, and discover his Orcish heritage. Part of the process, he reasoned, would be finding and confronting his father, Gormaak, on the terrible act that begot him. It too Percy years to work his way across the Eastern Kingdoms, performing odd-jobs and quests for food, board, pay, and passage. As time wore on he grew more lean and travel-worn, but no less idealistic.

By the time Percy finally reached Northrend, he was a young man who had seen much of the world, but had not yet tasted true violence or betrayal. This innocense came to an abrupt end soon after making contact with his father, then a favorite of Warlord Hellscream.

Gormaak was deeply affronted by his soft, weak-livered son. What’s more, Gormaak’s own men started to whisper about what shortcoming might have caused such a pacifistic un-warriorly creature to spawn from Gormaak’s loins. His own position within his warband would be threatened if he didn’t act soon.

Percy was never told of the exact charges against him. Sedition, conspiring with humans, conduct unbecoming the Horde, un-Orcish behavior… it was a medley of hate. He was convicted and sentenced to hard labor rowing a war galley.

After months of toil, Percy was barely recognizable. His back lashed, his hands roughed, and his muscles shone with raw power from constant exercise. But his essential idealism was never worn away. When the opportunity came for an uprising, percy took it, and along with fellow Horde criminals, and Alliance prisoners of war, took back the ship. percy used the very chains used to shackle him as weapons.

This one act of rebellion soon threatened the fleet, and when the storm came upon them, nearly every ship was embroiled in deep fighting. The last thing Percy remembered was his father personally boarding his own vessel to put an end to it.

Percy Spinereaver

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