Arrogant Warlord, Heir to the Throne of Cimmeria


Belfour is a not-particularly-tall but very muscled human with tanned skin and sun-bleached blond hair, clad only in a loincloth and wielding a sword nearly as long as he is. The weapon, however, cedes place in combat to his keen sense of tactics; his shouted commands to his allies can call attention to a crack in enemy guard or rearrange the battlefield at a critical moment. He is surprisingly learned for someone who runs around in his underwear.


Belfour (oldest son of Prentiss, King of Cimmeria), Hero of the Aquilonian Siege and Commander of the King’s Army, has successfully defended his kingdom from two invasions in the last ten years, but still fears that his father’s throne may fall to his brother, Cordrus, whom the people worship for his feats of personal heroism. Motivated by the desire to protect his wife and sons as well as his supreme confidence in his abilities, he negotiates the pitfalls of palace intrigue while his father ails. How he came to awaken in a cave with other men, and things that seem to reason like men, is beyond his knowledge, but he immediately suspects Xondra, the witch-queen who kidnapped him and imprisoned him in her tower for reasons unknown. Confident to the point of arrogance, he tries to take charge of the party and is somewhat nonplussed when the other companions appear to have minds of their own, but is pleased to note that when he shouts ‘Hit that thing!’, for the most part they comply.


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