• Belfour


    Arrogant Warlord, Heir to the Throne of Cimmeria
  • Corrigan D'Urgann

    Corrigan D'Urgann

    Wry, Hot-Tempered Ruffian from the Broken Lands
  • Guide


    A Surprisingly Pleasant Amnesiac Demilich
  • Percy Spinereaver

    Percy Spinereaver

    Half-Orc Fighter
  • Teleh


    Haunted Invoker from the Demiplane of Mists
  • Valen of Threshold

    Valen of Threshold

    Unarmed, unassuming, fit but unimposing. Valen wears a perpetually upbeat expression. His simple peasant's clothes and easy smile certainly don't project much in the way of menace.
  • Zefram


    Mul Gladiator from the Dying World of Athas