Little Tower on the Far Realm

Session 3


And so the heroes came face to face with the first of their Slavers, the Ravener of Kolum, who had apparently been the bane of Corrigan D’Urgann back when they’d both resided there. The party came to the top of the Lighthouse and found the Ravener there with a small group of Githyanki thugs as well as some sort of crystal that served as the Lighthouse’s illumination source, sending a radiant beacon through the Astral Plane to bring in Githyanki ships to serve the slavers.

The Ravener initially appeared in his human-sized corpulent form, taunting the heroes from behind a Githyanki shield wall and blasting them from the other side of the apex floor. As the enslaved fought their way through the chaff and cut down the Ravener, his skin cracked and released the pair of massive demons inhabiting it. The two seemed to gain strength by proximity to one another, but the heroes were able to separate and kill them. At one point, the heroes were almost overwhelmed, but from below, a wail echoed throughout the caverns of the Rat People and up into the Lighthouse, inspiring the heroes to one final resurgence and, ultimately, victory. As the Raveners fell, the protagonists felt the skin on their back burn and tear as the first of their eight tattoos faded away. Additionally, Percy and Lanathel, the dealers of the last blows to the first and second forms respectively, felt a bit of Resonance with their former lives seep into their current beings, although what exactly that meant was unclear…

Encounter 4 — BOSS FIGHT

The Ravener – Level 13 Solo (4000 xp)
first form – Gaj Pain Tyrant – Level 13 Elite Artillery
second form – Brohg Renegade (x2) – Level 13 Solo (halve all hps, take down to Elite)
Githyanki Legionary x4 – Level 13 Minion Soldier (700 xp)
Githyanki Raider x1 – Level 13 Skirmisher (800 xp)
Cinder Zombie x1 (reskinned as demon) – Level 12 Soldier (700 xp)

Initially this encounter was supposed to only include a single Brohg / Ravener 2nd form, but the PCs mopped through the first form and minions a bit more quickly than expected (I think there was one other monster I tossed in here initially but don’t have it in my notes — either way, it was a bit underpowered in phase 1) and it was clear that there would need to be a slight ramp-up of the challenge. So, I doubled the second form and created, on the fly, a little gameplay wrinkle wherein the Raveners got a 1 hit/3 damage when within 3 squares of each other and a 2 hit/ 6 damage when adjacent. I also decided that I’d give the sole survivor the latter bonus, once the first died off. Percy’s spiked chain sliding abilities managed to split the two up to prevent the bonus in the initial stages and even slid one of the two Raveners in front of the lighthouse beacon, causing it a fair amount of radiant damage. The game also gave the first hints of the Resonance mechanic, which would be explained in the next session.

The Rat People provided some assistance in the encounter with a one-time power card I gave the players called “Ululations of the Rat People” — they knew it was a one-time power that was triggered when a character went to 0 hit points and that triggered some sort of burst. So, for dramatic purposes, they chose when to activate it when the need was greatest — at that point, the Rat People sacrificd their life essence in one great wail from below to give the falling hero and all allies within a close burst 10 a surge which they spent immediately, followed by some small attack and damage bonuses for the following round. The “story power” worked well and will be something I reutilize in various forms down the line.



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